Company of the MONTH: 31 Bits!

So I’ve made a change! Instead of “Company of the Week” it will now be “Company of the Month,” and I will make this post within the first few days of each month. I would like to be pretty selective about the companies I choose and take some time to research them.

Happy August! I am excited to kick off this month by writing about 31 Bits, a company I recently learned about and am very excited about. I actually learned about them through Krochet Kids, as they team up in events and such occasionally. They have a similar mission, but are very unique from one another.

31 Bits is a company that sells jewelry which is made out of 100% recycled paper. These beads are hand made by women in Uganda. The beads are rolled from thin strips of recycled paper. It’s definitely obvious that a lot of love and hard work go into making the jewelry.

Their mission: “Using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty.”

When Kallie Dovel traveled to Uganda in 2007, she met women making these style of beads. She found that they lacked the opportunity to market the jewelry. After getting to know these women, she felt the desire to provide these women with better opportunities. She got her close friends back home involved, and they returned to Uganda in 2008. They chose six women that they began buying jewlery from.

31 Bits is now working with 108 women in Gulu, Uganda. Through 31 Bits, these women are provided a steady job and steady income, education like English lessons, AIDS and other health education, vocational and financial training, and more. It’s clear that 31 Bits is passionate about the success of the Ugandan women they employ.

I have seen other companies that sell jewelry made out of the same type of beads and with similar missions, but what sets 31 Bits apart for me is how well designed everything is.I would honestly wear every piece of jewelry that they sell. They have everything from simple bracelets to gorgeous statement necklaces, and each piece of jewelry has a beautiful color scheme.

To learn more about 31 Bits, visit and watch this lovely video!


This is the bracelet I own. I purchased it at a local salon! Check out the store locator on to find out where you can purchase 31 Bits jewelry near you!


How I wear my bracelet: I love the look of the aqua color bracelet with my brown wrap bracelet. I wear these two with just about anything!


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